Join us at a Decision Day Rally!

Posted on November 26, 2013

Dday (2)It’s not every day that we have a chance to literally change the course of history. But any day now, that’s exactly what could happen right here in New Mexico.

Soon, the state’s highest court will issue a historic ruling on the freedom to marry. And when it does, decades of advocacy, hard work and organizing will culiminate into one unforgettable day.

We may not know exactly when the Court will issue its ruling — but we have to be ready.

Join us at a Decision Day Rally in Albuquerque, Las Cruces, or Santa Fe! Sign up now and you’ll be the first to know once the Court decides.

Even with a favorable ruling – and there’s no guarantee – we know that marriage equality will still be uncertain. Our opponents will still do everything they can to stop gay and lesbian couples from marrying the person they love.

So, whatever the ruling, we must be prepared to show that New Mexicans overwhelmingly support marriage equality — and that we won’t stop fighting until all loving couples are guaranteed the freedom to marry.

Join us at a Decision Day Rally and let’s stand together to show that New Mexicans are ready for marriage equality.