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Meet New Mexico Families: Beverly and Cristi

Beverly and I met in 1996 and quickly realized that no matter what else happened, we had to be together. We had to settle for traveling back and forth to visit each other while I was getting my degree, but were finally able to begin our life together in 1998. Unfortunately, I became totally disabled two years later, though Beverly is still working. Life isn't easy, but we aren't hurting.

Meet New Mexico Families: Raymond and Robert Sierra-Lopez

Raymond Lopez remembers his first date with his husband Robert like it was yesterday. The couple saw a movie together in the summer of 2008, and have been in love ever since. “I was so shocked that we clicked instantly. On the surface, we are so different from one another!” Raymond said. “I was out and proud, loved rap music, and working as an optometric assistant. Robert was not out to anyone at that time, listened to heavy metal and was working towards his degree at the University of New Mexico. Despite all our differences, we both knew that we had something special."

Meet New Mexico Families: Richard Bell and James Brethour

Richard Bell met James Brethour in 2008 in Santa Fe. The two men were at Rainbow Vision, a LGBT retirement community in Santa Fe, when they met in the center’s lounge. “I was instantly taken with James,” Richard said. “He is so intelligent, thoughtful and fun to be around. I knew right away that I wanted to get to know him better.” The two immediately hit it off, began dating and soon knew that they wanted to build a life and grow old together.

Meet New Mexico Families: Jennifer and Christina Altamirano

Jennifer and Christina have dealt with their fair share of obstacles as a couple. The pair had known each other for several years before their relationship became romantic. Elated in their newfound romance, Jennifer and Christina decided to see how their love would grow, despite the geographical distance between them. Jennifer lived in Albuquerque, and Christina lived in Las Cruces. “We spent many a weekend driving to see each other and made the best out of our limited time together,” Jennifer said. “It was a struggle to be apart after waiting so long to begin our romance in the first place, but we were both determined to wait out the distance. We knew our love was strong.”
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Meet New Mexico Families: Sonia E. Rodriguez and Dianna Kaye

It's been a busy few months for Sonia E. Rodriguez-Ortega and Dianna Kaye, who live in Albuqerque, New Mexico with their dogs. Just over a month ago, in September 2013, they applied for and received a marriage certificate, becoming one of the first couples in the state to marry.
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Meet New Mexico Families: Joseph Romero and John Keelin

Joseph, John and their son Archer, who’s 4 ½, love spending time outdoors as a family. They often travel upstate to their cabin, where they enjoy fishing, hiking and riding four wheelers. “We love bonding together in the fresh air! It’s a great way to enjoy all the amazing outdoors New Mexico has to offer,” Joe said. The family also loves to travel when they can, and have even visited Iceland with Archer!

Meet New Mexico Families: Heather Oesterreich and Sarah Finke

Sarah first saw Heather at a friend’s 50th birthday party. Heather was new to Las Cruces, and she was happy to meet someone friendly like Sarah. “Our friend had a piñata at her party, and I got up the courage to talk to Heather by asking her if she wanted to take the next swing at it,” Sarah said. “When the piñata split open, I picked up some chocolate and offered it to Heather. I got her attention, and we spent the rest of the night dancing and talking and creating the possibility for what I hoped would be more.”